10 sandals trends we’ll see all summer

Snuff-toe sandals

Blunt toe sandals

After stilettos, round toes, the shape of a toe that has exactly addressed the shape of our foot has become the trend. Blunt toe shoes are among the favorites of the season, especially in sandals.Photo: Topshop

Artistic heels

Jacquemus’ famous geometric heels have virtually revolutionized heels. Artistic heels are a very attractive alternative for those who like to draw attention with their shoes. Photo: Trust Me, Buy This

Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals

Lace-up tops at the beginning of the season sandals trends. Feet look more sexy as the tapes get thinner.Photo: Olivia Lopez


Write flip-flops, especially indispensable for beaches.

Moreover, you don’t have to be invited to a stylish invitation or wedding to shine a little. Metallic sandals compete with the sun in the brightness.Photo: Emili Sindlev Logomanya


Logomania trend has been everywhere for the last few seasons. This season has also jumped to sandals. If Chanel’s heel slippers begin to embellish your timeline, this is the exact sequence of the logomanian trend.

Sports sandals

Sponge-like texture, velcro bands that take you to 90s are also holiday It can be preferred in your luggage and daily combinations. We cannot say that the season is a favorite, but this season there is a sandal model for everyone. This model is also for those who are fond of comfort.

High above the ground

Bulky sneakers and heavy soles started to appear in the sandals after we had trouble lifting.

Photo: Lucy Williams Tab color

Tab color

Tab sandals are perfectly compatible with your bronze skin color and can be combined with all colors. Especially its compatibility with white is incredible. It looks good quality. Photo: Emma Spedding

Raffia or knitted sandals

Raffia or knitted sandals

Raffia and knitted sandals maybe not one of the shoes that should definitely be in your office luggage. Photo: Harriet Davey


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