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2012 Nail Care Advice

Dear readers; There are important points that we will pay attention to while caring for our nails, and we will share some of them with our valuable readers. In these 7 ways, you will both care for your nails correctly and take them under protection for a long time after care. Nail care is a style of care that some people care about in human life and others only consist of nail cutting. However, nail care is one of the main causes of physical disorders that cause illness and affect the appearance of hands and feet when the microbes that threaten human health are ignored. You don’t necessarily need to go to a hairdresser or a beauty center and spend hours to get well-groomed nails. You can have cleaner and healthier nails in a short time with the care you will apply at home. You will protect both your material and spiritual values. We should not forget that everything we will keep passes through our hands. Here are 7 ways to care for your nails. Only with the Difference of Www.Kadinay.Net ..


1 – You don’t necessarily need to go to a hairdresser or a beauty center and spend hours to get well-groomed nails. First, wash your hands with hot water and plenty of soap. Brush your nails with a brush. Start the process by pushing the dead skin around the nail, called the cuticle, towards your nail. If there are too many cuticles, clean them with small scissors. Then cut your nails to the length you want.
2 – Do your nails look yellow and dull? Cut a lemon in half and rub your nails with the lemon. You’ll soon see the difference.
3 Cleaning nail polish can be more difficult than applying it. Cotton and acetone are always helpful, but you have to be a little tricky. Especially, wipe dark nail polishes outwards, starting from the edges of your nails. Applying polish under your nail polish also makes it easier for you.
4 – If your nail breaks quickly or grows too hard, you should increase your mineral and protein intake. You should consume plenty of water, especially in summer. Also, you should file your nails with a soft nail file, always in the same direction.
5 – After shaving your nails, massage your hands and nails with a moisturizing cream. You can also apply nail polish if you wish. That is all. But let’s go to the hairdresser at least once a month and say that getting a manicure will be good for both you and your nails.
6 – Do not put nail polish on your nails at least a few days a month. Let your nails breathe. When you are not applying nail polish on your nails, you can apply coconut oil. They will look healthier.
7 – Make sure you have your own, quality manicure set. Even if you are getting a manicure at a beauty center or a hairdresser, ask them to use your own set. Thus, you protect yourself from the risk of getting any disease.

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