23 Greatest Blonde Highlights Suggestions for 2019

The summer is here so it’s the best time to try out a new hairstyle. 1 appearance that could be amazing for this time of the season is blond highlights. Blond highlights will loosen and brighten your hair ready for the new year. Also, however you’ll seem sun-kissed and glowy too! To provide you a bit of hair inspiration, we’ve discovered 23 of their very beautiful blonde highlights. There are tons of different colors and even a few fashionable short cuts which will be great for summer time also. Have a look to locate your new hairdo.

1. ) Subtle Highlights for Blonde Hair

The very first idea we must show you attributes blonde highlights for blond hair. Here we’ve got a cool bob that’s a sandy blonde shade. Blond highlights have been inserted over the top at a lighter and lighter shade. As you can see, the highlights are subtle but they do provide the hair a lift. This is ideal for the blonde girls with hair that’s been looking a bit dull. These can give your hair brand new life. Try out the cut to for a fashionable appearance.

Subtle Highlights for Blonde Hair

Resource: @riawna

2. ) Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Next, we’ve got a highlighted hair thought which has a summery and beachy vibe. The hair is a really dark color with additional light blond highlights. We adore this hair thought because the blond brightens the hair and with all the waves, so the hair appears sun-kissed. Hair similar to this will suit everybody and it’s fantastic for the summertime.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Resource: @charlie_edwardsandco

3. Blonde Ombre Hair Idea

In case you desire a bolder blonde hairstyle, then you have to have a look at this idea. With this appearance the hair is a dark brown colour in the origin and lighter brown and blond highlights have been inserted. A good deal of blonde shade was used so it actually makes a statement. It’s a stunning hairstyle and it’s ideal for the women who wish to change their own hair.

Blonde Ombre Hair Idea

Resource: @colorbymichael

4. Blonde Highlights for Hair

Thinking about looking for a brand new cut in addition to a new colour? Then have a peek at this. Here we’ve got a stunning short hairstyle with blond highlights. The blonde is freezing and cool so it actually stands out from the dark hair colour. All of us love the cut and it reveals the way to utilize highlights with short hair superbly. Recreate this appearance or you’ll be able to try out a warmer blonde color. In any event, it is going to look amazing.

Blonde Highlights for Short Hair

Resource: @chloenbrown

5. ) Glam Caramel Blonde Highlights

This second hair thought is really glam and beautiful! The hair appears black in the origin with additional brown and caramel highlights. All of us love the caramel blonde since it looks stunning with the dark hair. The design is amazing also. Try out the design too for an occasion in which you would like to impress. Hair similar to this will suit everybody!

Glam Caramel Blonde Highlights

Resource: @charlie_edwardsandco

6. Champagne Blonde

You will find such a wide variety of blonde colors offered and this second one is among our favorites. Here we’ve got stunning sleek hair that’s a pale brown shade in the origin, and then lace blond highlights have been inserted. The champagne color is really bright and stunning. It’s a glam colour that will make you stick out from the audience. Recreate this hairstyle or you may try adding less blond to get a classier look.

Champagne Blonde Highlights

Resource: @the_blondologist

7. ) Vibrant Golden Blonde Highlights

Next, we’ve got a gorgeous blonde hair thought. The hair is light brown in the origin with glowing blonde highlights. These highlights have a mix of cooler and warmer blonde sunglasses. As you can see, the various colours seem amazing. We adore this hairstyle and it’ll seem glam and stunning on anybody.

Bright Golden Blonde Highlights

Resource: @charlie_edwardsandco

8. Icy Blonde Highlights

Our second hair thought is just another multi tone appearance. Here we have quite dark hair with light blond and frosty highlights. We love the colour combination because the mild blond is very delicate, however, the ice blond actually makes a statement. The comparison between the colours is wonderful. This type of stylish appearance and it’ll transform dull hair which wants a lift.

Icy Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Resource: @catherinelovescolor

9. Face-Framing Highlights

You do not need to include a lot of blonde to make a beautiful emphasized appearance. Perhaps you could try out a hairstyle such as this. The hair really is a stunning brown shade with bright blonde highlights in the front of the hair, whereas the remainder of the blonde is more towards the base of the hairfollicles. It’s a stylish and gorgeous hairstyle which will suit everybody. You are able to produce an even subtler appearance by incorporating less blond in the base of the hair also.

Face-Framing Highlights

Resource: @mikaatbhc

10. Stylish Highlighted Bob

Enjoy the shorter hairstyles? Then have a look at this next hair thought. Here we’ve got another stylish bob cut with additional blonde highlights. That is super stylish bob and the blond is tender that produces a neater appearance. It’s a simple to wear hairstyle also it would be excellent for the summertime. The cut will probably be less difficult to handle and the blond will make your hair appear sun-kissed.

Stylish Highlighted Bob

Resource: @emilyandersonstyling

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