23 Cool Owl Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Owls are adored by people around the world. This can be for many reasons in their life to their lovely feathers. It isn’t merely the way that they look however, owls will also be related to magic, mystery and spirituality that makes them more intriguing. If you like owls, then you need to think about that an owl tattoo. There are several incredible designs and also to offer you a bit of inspiration, we’ve discovered 23 of their very best. On this list you’ll discover colorful owls, distinct species and a lot more. Have a look, in case you were not wowed by owls earlier, you’ll be following this!

1. ) Sexy Owl Tattoo

The very first tattoo we must show you’re super cute! Here we have a cute animation owl that’s tattooed on the back of the arm. All of us love the owl’s large eyes and gorgeous feathers. A tattoo such as this will look great on everybody. It is possible to recreate this or you may get a more compact variant placed elsewhere. To get a bolder layout, you can add some colour also.

Cute Owl Tattoo

Resource: @robcarvalhoart

2. ) Fierce Owl Hip Tattoo

While owls are amazing to check at they may be fierce and protective also. This tattoo design captures this perfectly. This tattoo features everything seems like a Great Horned Owl due to those horn such as feathers. As you can see, that the owl looks magnificent and it appears powerful also. There’s also an awesome leafy watercolor design enclosing the owl. This tattoo is just one of our favorites and it’s fantastic for the women who want body artwork that’s trendy and announcement making.

Fierce Owl Hip Tattoo 

Resource: @razeoner

3. Stunning Owl and Moon Style

Most owls are nocturnal so it’s not surprising that lots of owl tattoos comprise the moon. This tattoo is a gorgeous illustration. Here we’ve got a fairly owl with tasteful feathers using a moon in the background. It’s a gorgeous tattoo and you may recreate something much like this or you’ll be able to use another species of owl. Perhaps pick your favourite owl.

Beautiful Owl and Moon Design

Resource: @robmissiontattoo

4. Ornamental Back Tattoo

The following tattoo idea is simply remarkable. This layout doesn’t feature the complete owl but only the eyes and the beak. Both of these owl’s attributes are patterned and in addition, there are floral designs around the exterior. The tattoo is completed with dangling charms. It’s a stunning decorative tattoo and it’ll look magnificent on everybody.

Ornamental Owl Back Tattoo

Resource: @nicolethirdeye

5. ) Big Eyed Owl Style

Another thing that some owls are famous for are their eyes! This second layout captures their eyes attractively. Here where really are a little owl with large, glowing orange eyes. Since the owl is black ink, the orange actually stands out. It’s such a cool layout and you are able to recreate this or pick a different owl with large eyes.

Big Eyed Owl Design

Resource: @adrianbascur

6. Colorful Arm Tattoo

In case you desire a bolder and more announcement creating tattoo, then that might be ideal for you. This layout comes with a gorgeous barn owl that’s tattooed on the arm. A few of the colours used are realistic but you will find additional blue and purple colors also, making the tattoo appear distinctive and creative. We also love the watercolor technique utilized. It’s a gorgeous tattoo and you are able to recreate this or attempt a more compact version.

Colorful Owl Arm Tattoo

Resource: @laystattoo

7. ) Owls and Blue Flowers

Next, we’ve got a cute owl tattoo. Two little owls are perched on lovely blue blossoms. It’s a unique and imaginative idea and it’ll suit everybody. An owl design similar to this might be a representation of your loved ones or friends. Perhaps it might be you and your child or you and your sibling. A similar design can be utilized as a couple’s tattoo also. Recreate this or attempt any owl layout that has any blossoms.

Owls and Blue Flowers Tattoo

Resource: @laystattoo

8. Watercolor Owl

Our second tattoo idea is vibrant and unique. Here we have a gorgeous purple and blue owl with bright orange eyes. It’s a creative design that’s ideal for somebody who needs an unusual part of human art. It is possible to recreate this or you’ll be able to try out a similar owl at another colour. In any event, it is going to appear cool.

Watercolor Owl Design

Resource: @laystattoo

9. Straightforward Owl Style

Perhaps all of the daring owls and brightly colored tattoos aren’t for you. If this is so, this design might be exactly what you’re searching for. This tattoo features a straightforward and minimal black ink owl. It’s a fashionable and elegant design which will suit everybody. A tattoo such as this can be placed nearly anywhere on your system. A little version on the wrist could seem adorable.

Simple Owl Design

Resource: @laystattoo

10. Patterned using a Lotus Flower

Owls aren’t only amazing critters, for most people they have a distinctive spiritual significance also. Many consider that owls are a sign of wisdom and they have knowledge of the unknown. That is the reason why tattoos such as the one under are so common. It’s a really distinctive and unusual layout.

Patterned Owl Tattoo Design

Resource: @lucasmilk

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