A Tired Body Is Now Making History

A Tired Body Is Now Making History

Is it easy and possible to get rid of the negative effects of smoking, alcohol and insomnia on the body? Yes … With the tips we will give you, no one will be able to read your fatigue from your face anymore!
Stage 1: Right after the party
What a night! Before going to bed, you need a few urgent treatments to prepare your body for the next day.
Recharge while sleeping Your skin needs moisture especially now. Wait for a relaxing anti-stress mask with tea before going to bed to take effect throughout the night. A large glass of water will also help your metabolism work normally the next day.
During the night, skin performs cell division at the highest level. The skin performs this work in a healthy way when it is deeply clean. The equipment you need for the cleaning process; is an effective cleansing gel.

Stage 2: The next day
You have two options; either not getting out of bed or looking perfect in a short time with the right products …
First aid for skin and hair A deep cleansing shampoo with exfoliating effect removes the gel or spray residue on the hair and smells of cigarette smoke. Under the shower, massage the scalp with your fingertips and rinse with water. Your body will also be rejuvenated with a refreshing shower gel. Facial care with mango extract gives even the palest skin a vibrant tone. Lip care gel refreshes dry lips.
Your eyes look tired?
You can perfect the dark under eye shadows with a quality concealer. With the help of a brush, then with your fingertips, apply the concealer well under your eyes. Make sure that the color tone you choose is one shade lighter than your foundation. Many brands also have professional products for more difficult situations. Concealers from La Roche Posay, Biotherm or Lancome are ideal for such situations.
3rd Stage : A week later
Here is fit Effective makeup tricks for a look:
1- Draw a yellow-and-white eyeliner into your eyes. This will neutralize redness in your eyes.
2- Instead of foundation, use vitamin creams that contain light-reflecting pigments on your face. Your skin will instantly revitalize.
3- For cheeks: Bronze sun powders will make the skin look fresh.
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