A woman guiding the feminine essences of hundreds of women with her Aphrodite trainings: Gülen Gündüz Yılmaz


Who is Gülen Gündüz Yılmaz? First of all, can you talk about yourself?

After graduating from METU Computer Engineering, I have never done engineering after graduating but worked in sales and marketing positions in the IT sector for many years. I left corporate life to start my own business. Coaching institutions, teams, managers and individuals; I give trainings. At the same time, I am guiding the feminine essences of hundreds of women through online Aphrodite trainings, which gives me a lot of pleasure.

In my own life, my masculine side was dominant over time. As I wrote in the book, that masculine rush continued when I left corporate life. Although I work very much as a trainer and coach, the gap in me was not filled and this situation reflected to my marriage as well. It was a time when I said what I am doing and closed myself. During this period, I received trainings and coaching on my own femininity, and I did many studies.

Being process oriented, listening to intuition, cooperation, solidarity, patience, compassion, staying in the moment and surrendering to what is happening can be summarized as feminine features.

“Your passion and it needs a pole for sex to continue ”

Is it necessary for a woman to have high masculine energy to succeed in life? Are feminine traits a handicap on the road to success?

We are in modern society and we have career goals as women. To realize them, we also have to lean on masculine features. The woman who does not develop the masculine energy becomes a more passive feminine, identifies with the victim’s feminine side. In summary, it is very, very important for us to develop our masculine side, but our feminine side is also very important. For example, we need to regain the characteristics such as being process-oriented, being in the moment, intuition, and being aware of emotions. We have to return to a world where the feminine is precious. Not only women but also men need to improve their feminine traits and replace the masculine leadership with the masculine-feminine balanced leadership. The world is already heading here.

That’s why there is no passion or love left in relationships. Pole is required for passion and sex to continue. A female and a male pole. When there is no polarity, the relations that I call the brooding organization are experienced. Passion, love and sex; these come as a package in a relationship. If we want this package, we should wake our feminine side, especially Aphrodite within us. As we go to the female, the men in our lives are either masculine or going and the new male is a masculine man anyway.

Woman guiding the feminine essences of hundreds of women with her aphrodite trainings: Gülen Gündüz Yılmaz

“A woman who wants to be successful in her career has no chance but to identify with the masculine side and reject the feminine side”

Why are people with high feminine energy worthless in modern society?

People with healthy feminine energy shine, shine, you want to be with them. Everyone is drawn to that energy. On the one hand, this is the case, and on the other hand, the feminine features are devalued. We women work harder.

“Emotional” is not labeled as “here it is because it is a man” when a man shows it. Naturally, we have to be more than men to be accepted. A woman who wants to be successful in her career has no chance other than to identify with the masculine side and reject the feminine side. We reject our own essence.

Where are women clogged in the business world?

Both modern men and modern women agree to value women. They are even angry with people who do not think in this way, they are reactive and label them as “backward”.

But I “value the woman very much.” look at organizations that define people in the way, who think they are not traditional but modern; hold the management positions, the ratio of women / men in conferences and panels; you see that there is no equality in any matter.

So why is this so? We have to know this first. The issue of discrimination is an event that takes place outside the conscious, not the level of consciousness. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of judgments about women and feminine features outside of your unconsciousness.

The sad truth is that when your unconscious is filled with these judgments, men and women cannot have equal rights in the outside world. Because most of our actions – almost all of them – are unconscious.

So what should we do individually? We have to see the truth first. We must look at our own unconsciousness. Unfortunately, this is not a sweet process. Because it shakes our identity. It is not pleasant to realize that we have pieces that do not give that value at all while shouting “it is worth it to women”. You see how similar you are with those old-fashioned people you don’t like.

That’s why we, as women, get blocked. Individuals have a lot of work for us. When we do not avoid seeing how far we push the feminine individually, and when we can value our feminine characteristics, then discrimination will cease to be an issue.

Woman guiding hundreds of women to their feminine essences with her Aphrodite trainings: Gülen Gündüz Yılmaz

“Learn not to listen to the voice that says ‘let’s get it done, not that more.'”

What can you recommend to those who want to establish and grow their brand in this context?

Most of the entrepreneurs experience burnout syndrome; There is a lot of work to do, a lot of meetings, a lot of projects.

It is not easy, so it is not easy.

I have two suggestions for entrepreneurs. First, you must have a mentor / coach. I tell those who think that this is not so necessary to read biography. It is very difficult for a person to look after himself. You will lose incredible time, energy and financial resources when there is no one to hold you by your hands and look at yourself from outside, and compassionate to see the truth. In institutions, this mentoring comes spontaneously, people do not notice. Your manager, a senior colleague from you becomes a mentor to you. In entrepreneurship, you are alone when you need this support the most, when you are out of your comfort zone. Separate them with tiny rituals. When you do not do this, your energy will be exhausted and you will not be able to work anyway. Learn not to listen to the voice that says “let it be over, let it be over.”


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