Aesthetic Surgery of the Genital Area

Aesthetic Surgery of the Genital Area

Where does the urge that leads people to change their genitals or, more accurately, their first genitals?

Different answers can be given to this question for men and women.
The main problems encountered in the genital areas of women are abnormally large and Sagging labia minora, scars of the incision made after birth and vaginal enlargement after pregnancy occur.
Although similar changes frequently cause both functional and aesthetic appearance complaints, there is little talk about them. This is usually due to shyness and sometimes thinking that there is no cure.
Among these, excessively large and sagging inner lips of the woman’s genital organ is one of the common problems. to protect against dryness of the vagina with the help of the fluids it secretes. Women with large inner lips may encounter many physical and psychological problems in their normal life. They may have difficulty wearing tight trousers or finding suitable swimsuits and bikinis, and may be exposed to severe discomfort due to the pain caused by squeezing and crushing while riding a bicycle.

Although a reduction surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, my preference is to perform such surgeries under general anesthesia to relieve the patient from stress. Excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are measured in advance and removed in the form of a triangle in the middle part of the lips as planned, reduced to their normal size by preserving the feeling and natural shape of the lips, the external appearance is beautified and after the operation, the patient is treated at his own home. After the operation, sex life can continue normally. If the outer lips, which disturb the person and cause aesthetic problems, are small, it is possible to enlarge the outer lips by injecting the person’s own fat tissue. Shrinkage may occur in the wound area as a result of the procedure performed during birth, which facilitates the child’s exit by expanding the vagina with a downward incision and prevents involuntary tears, and the vaginal entrance may be narrowed, which are deformities caused by the poor healing of the incision applied during birth. Such stretches under the vaginal entrance can cause severe pain during sexual intercourse and cause serious problems in the person’s sex life.It is also possible to surgically correct and narrow the excessively enlarged vagina after a large number of deliveries. During vaginal uterine removal surgeries, narrowing of the back wall of the vagina is often applied by obstetricians. Men have three main problems with their penis. If we put aside the disorders caused by birth, the penis is either short, thin or does not harden during sex. It is not the size or size of the penis that is important to the man during sex, but its function. Still, many men complain about the small size of their penis. In a study conducted in Europe, it was found that 65% of men desire to have a larger and coarse penis, and 5% of them want augmentation surgery. After the examination, a solution can be found with a penile prosthesis. In today’s plastic surgery, penis enlargement and penis lengthening are possible with surgery. Although it is possible to thicken thin penises with the fat filling method called “lipofilling”, this is a high-risk surgery as it may lead to complications such as infection and sensation disorder.Due to the disadvantage of permanent erection, the two-compartment hard silicone prostheses used until recently have been replaced by a prosthesis system consisting of two tubular silicone with a valve and a pump. While having intercourse, the person can inflate the prosthesis with the help of a pump and re-lower the prosthesis with a valve after intercourse.

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