Albanian pilaf: Misoriz

Albanian pilaf, namely misoriz, is a type of tray pilaf that also enters Turkish cuisine under the name of Büryan. It takes its name in Albanian with the combination of the words mish (meat) oriz (rice). It means meat pilaf. Mycorrhiza can be made from veal, lamb and chicken. Their general ingredients are meat, rice, tomato paste or red pepper, onion and baked in the oven. It can also be made without adding tomato paste or pepper powder. It is the most important dish of Albanian cuisine in the banquets prepared for the guests and especially in the holidays and it is made absolutely. We have shared the recipe with chicken meat for you, you can use lamb or beef instead of chicken. Here’s the pilaf of pork, mişoriz recipe …


-750 gr chicken meat (can be made with lamb meat if you wish)
– 2 cups of rice
-3 cups of broth
– 1 carrot
– 1 nectarine onion
– 1 large tomato
– Salt, pepper
-1 tablespoon butter (can be increased according to the fat content of the broth)

How to make Albanian pilaf?

– Boil the chicken in a pressure for about 40 minutes.
– Add hot water and salt on the rice and let it sit for half an hour.
– Add oil, small carrots and onions to the pan and fry.
– Add tomato grated and black pepper.
– Lots of water Wash with water and add the rice and salt that you strained.
– Take the roasted rice in a heat-resistant tray and place the meat on it.
– Add the water and cook in 170 degrees oven.
– You can serve by sprinkling parsley on top, according to your wish.
– If you wish, you can also place the chicken in the pot and cook it in the pot.

Enjoy your meal.

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