Anthony Vaccarello recreates Saint Laurent’s bourgeois style

  Anthony Vaccarello in the Autumn / Winter 2020 collection with Saint Laurent stretches the bourgeois style we are accustomed to. It takes all the trademark of the bourgeois wardrobe, turns it into a dominatrix wardrobe with latex and underwear.

While describing the Vaccarello collection,” I didn’t want it to evoke sex, I just wanted to change the bourgeoisie a little bit. I wanted to turn it into something less classy. ” says. Nothing better than “something cheap like latex” could serve this purpose, as he said.

and summarizes the woman of Saint Laurent.

In such a powerful collection, the accessories attract just as much attention. Thick belts, large necklaces and chokers, pointed toe heels, gloves serving the spirit of the dominatrix and bohemian shawls that we see abundantly this season are among the highlights of the collection.

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