Beauty Advice for Beautiful Women

Beauty Advice for Beautiful Women

It is not difficult to be a beautiful woman from head to toe. Add beauty to your beauty with a few extra minutes to spare for yourself and little secrets that every woman should know …
Organize your hair If you apply a little moisturizer to your hair, you will calm your flowing and electrified hair. . If you apply moisturizer during bath, you will see that your hair becomes brighter and more vibrant after drying.
Tense breasts without surgery If you are undergoing hormonal treatment (birth control pills or menopause treatment), you can adjust the tension of your breasts. Make sure that the products you use include astringent ruscus, strengthening gingseng and sage tea. Lotions with these substances strengthen the skin texture that covers the breasts and give freshness.

The look of the eyelashes If the mascara you apply does not show your eyelashes as you want and gives a chipped look, do not apply mascara to the ends of the eyelashes. . Instead, try to apply it deeply to the bottom of the eyelashes.
If your skin is shining You need to mattify your skin without drying it out. You should use mattifying creams before applying your foundation. And when using daily creams, make sure that they are gel.
Swelling in the eyes If your eyes are red and swollen when you wake up in the morning, you should ventilate the room you slept. Then leave the cotton soaked in the soothing lotion on your eyes for at least 10 minutes.
Use of acetone It is very unfavorable for nails to rub acetone cotton onto your nails. For this, after keeping the cotton on the nail for a few seconds, you should remove the nail polish with one movement so that your nails are not damaged.
Soft hands If you want the hand cream to penetrate your skin better; keep your hands over a pot of hot water. Thus, the pores on the skin will be opened and the cream can penetrate the skin easily.
For matte lips If you like matte lipsticks, you should use a lip liner. Thus, your lips will not shine and will give your lips a separate fullness as long as you do not overflow the frame too much. You can color your lips with just lip liner. But there is a point to be aware of here; After applying the pencil with vertical movements, you should distribute it thoroughly with your finger.
Use of headlights If your headlights accumulate on your eyelids, never use oil-based headlights. You should use powder eyeshadows containing intense color pigments. It is very useful in light mother-of-pearl headlights. Because the mother-of-pearl ingredients in its content do not accumulate on the eyelid.

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