Can your lover be narcissistic?

Narcissistic Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder seen in 2% of the society can be defined as considering one’s superiority over everyone, caring only for himself and using other people for their own benefit. Since the narcissist needs to be loved and appreciated at all times, he makes long efforts to tie his partner to himself at the beginning of the relationship. It makes romantic surprises. It makes your partner think he is in love. The reason for this behavior is that he needs feedback from his partner.


The person who is surprised by the narcissist individual is treated with a sudden change this time. In this period, the narcissistic individual thinks only of himself and asks his partner to show interest in him, appreciate him, even act as if he worships. For this reason, he tries to stay in the limelight by removing the person he is accustomed to proximity. If it is not acted as intended, it may show violent behavior.

Feeling worthless

Feeling worthless

The person who has been subjected to emotional violence and abuse by the narcissist individual now starts to feel worthless. He loses his self-confidence. If the person understands that this is due to his partner, he should end the relationship immediately.

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