Causes of Premature Aging

Causes of Premature Aging

Two main factors, internal and external, play a major role in skin aging. While the inner process creates the genetic structure of the person, as the external reason; sun rays, smoking, excessive alcohol use and malnutrition are shown.
Specialist from Istanbul Private Service Hospital Dermatology Department. Dr. Makbule Afacan said that 80 percent of the leading causes of premature aging are the harmful effects of UV, that is, sun rays. Kiddy suggested avoiding the sun or making limited contact with the sun in the summer when the sun’s rays were direct and effective. Here are the questions and answers, and the effects of the sun on the skin …
Due to which properties of the sun rays cause skin aging? Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause harmful effects in sunlight, can cause skin cancer and skin aging in addition to skin aging. It also causes the formation of irregular spots that we call “hyperpigmentation”.
What kind of changes does aging due to sun rays cause on the skin? On the face, chest and arms exposed to the sun mostly; Changes such as wrinkles, freckles, star-shaped brown spots known as sun spots, small white spots on legs and arms, pallor, dryness, irritation, looseness, cracking in capillaries occur.

Increasing sunbathing in the last 50 years increases the incidence of skin cancers. Hard, red, veined wounds especially in areas exposed to light, recurrent crusting as they are ruptured, moles that suddenly get darker (black), moles whose edges become irregular, grow rapidly, become white and develop color changes are the symptoms of skin cancers.
What should be done to protect from the harmful effects of the sun? Using daily sunscreen creams for sun protection is as important as having breakfast. Sunscreen creams with a factor of at least 50 should be applied to the sun. It should be thought that the creams that need to be applied to cover the face and body may lose their effect as you go out into the sea and should be renewed several times a day accordingly. In addition, another point to be considered is when the creams are applied. Protective creams should be applied to the skin at least half an hour before going out to the sun. However, using these protection factors does not give us the right to stay in the sun for a long time all day, especially at noon when the sun’s rays are steeper and more harmful.When choosing sunscreen, care should be taken that it is effective against both UVA and UVB. What should be considered for skin health in summer? * Light colored and protective style should be worn * Sunglasses should be used * Wide-brimmed hats should be used * Care should be taken to stay in the shade between 11:00 – 13:00, when the UV rays are most intense * Sunscreen cream should be applied half an hour before going out to the sun * Babies younger than 6 months should not be kept in the sun for a long time. Sun protection should be started in early childhood. * The best way to reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevent skin aging is to sunbathe consciously. * Ways to protect the skin in summer * It is necessary to apply a special care to the skin that is worn in summer due to sun rays, sea, pool etc.
What kind of care should be applied to the skin in summer? In summer, sun rays, The skin dries more in summer due to sea and pool reasons. The need for moisture and care increases. In the summer, it would be appropriate to add a moisture mask at least 1-2 times a week to daily care at home.In the meantime, the preservatives and bronzers used in creams used during the summer cause deposits under the skin and a lot of dead layers. Peeling and purifying masks keep the skin cleaner and more lively throughout the summer.
What are the damages the sun causes to the skin? Holiday programs that start with the summer season can have bad results if the relationship with the sun is not established well. Although the beneficial effects of the sun for life are unquestionable, avoidance or limited contact with the sun is necessary. Because sunlight is the most important factor that increases the premature aging of the skin. Undesirable spots on the skin lead to freckles. The most scientifically certain harm of the sun is that it increases the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer has been on the rise in recent years. Although brocting is associated with a healthy appearance in all world societies, its meaning is actually skin damage. Tanning is a method of protecting the skin itself. The more bronze the leather is, the more damaged it is. Some of the sun rays reaching the skin are reflected and some are absorbed by the skin.In addition, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses will be effective in protecting from the harmful effects of the sun. Staying in the shade does not fully protect against the harmful effects of the sun. Since the sand and the sea will reflect sunlight, it will be correct to wear sunscreen or even white clothes. It is not right to be exposed to sunlight between 11.00-15.00 hours. In summer, everyone, especially light-skinned people, should use sunscreen products called sun cover.
What should be considered when choosing sunscreen? Sun protectors; They prevent UV rays from reaching the skin by absorbing, reflecting and distributing them. Sun protection factor (SPF) determines the effectiveness of sunscreen creams. Sun protection factor; the time of redness in the sunscreen used area; It is determined by the ratio of the time to occurrence of redness in the area where the preservative is not used. The higher the sun protection factor, the greater the effectiveness. In the summer, creams with at least 30 protection factors will be suitable. Care should be taken to ensure that these creams are effective against both UVA and UVB.

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