Diet Sandwich with Eggplant and Potatoes

Diet Sandwich with Eggplant and Potatoes

Dieters need to be careful about their diet in order to lose weight in a short time. That’s why dietitians draw attention to less calorie meals. Since “eggplant and potato sandwich” is one of these low calorie food varieties, it took its place among the diet meals in a short time. So how is our sandwich made?
Eggplant with potatoes sandwich HOW MANY: 1 PREPARATION TIME: 30 min
Ingredients: # 2 thick slice of garden eggplant # 1 small potato # 1 branch of dill # 2 branches of purslane # 1 tablespoon of soybean sprouts < strong> # 1 teaspoon olive oil # Salt, black pepper

Preparation: * Teflon pan half grease it with a spoonful of oil and fry the aubergines Boil and peel the potatoes and mash them with a fork. * Wash the dill and separate it from branches to branches. Clean the purslane and separate the leaves. * Add dill, purslane, remaining oil, salt and pepper into the puree and mix. * Place 1 eggplant slice on a platter. Add the mashed mixture and soy sprouts on it and cover the remaining slice. Serve hot or lukewarm.
1 serving of an eggplant sandwich with potatoes has 215 calories.

Label Diet Foods low-calorie meals low-calorie foods no-calorie foods calorie-free meals eggplant potato diet sandwich with purslane and dill diet sandwich

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