Do Beautiful Women Cheat

Do Beautiful Women Cheat

As a result of our long researches, it is known that beautiful women need to cheat their partners during their relationships. Our ladies, who reveal betrayal and infidelity with their beauty, leave their partners in the middle. Although deception is a bad thing, many people do. Explaining that they cheat on women like men, experts said that beautiful women cheat more. Here are the explanations of the experts…

Beautiful women cheat more? In the news in the German Bild am Sonntag Newspaper, St. Prof. The research conducted by Tim Spector and his team was included. While the women were asked about their cheating habits, the result was quite surprising:
23 percent of the women said that they cheated on their spouses. Interestingly, if one of the twin siblings said that he was cheating on his wife, the probability of the other sibling betraying was 55 percent. It was determined that in identical twins with the same genes, the possibility of cheating on both siblings was higher.
Prof. Spector said that treachery has to do with genes, it may be due to various genes acting on each other. Prof. “The same happens with people loving risk,” says Spector. Here, too, the influence of many genes on each other brings this feeling to the fore. laid out. For the research, 58 women, aged between 17-30, were interviewed face to face.
According to research conducted by the University of Texas, beautiful women have a hormone called ‘estradiol’, a type of female hormone estrogen. Women with high levels of this hormone have a higher risk of cheating.
In addition, women with high levels of this hormone change more partners. Beautiful women receive more attention than men around them and have higher self-confidence. That’s why they tend to deceive.
The researcher Dr. Krîstina Durante found that women with high levels of these hormones not only want a better father and a good husband for their children, but more.
These women have high standards and have higher expectations from men. Also, just like the height of the testosterone hormone in men, their sexual desire is more. >

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