Do these to prevent your discussions from affecting your relationship negatively

1. Try to control yourself

If you are unable to regulate your nervous system, you cannot effectively solve any problems or conflicts. So try to calm yourself down in order to calm down and make more rational decisions and express yourself better. As the most effective methods, walking around a little and breathing deeply will calm you.

2. Accept your feelings

Without trying to change anything at that moment or shouting; accept your feelings. Are you sad or scared right now? Do you feel very angry or insecure? Let yourself feel these emotions and really accept them.

3. Be honest when you are ready to speak again

Ask your partner, “Are you ready to talk or do you need more time?” Ask this question at the same time. create an environment and tackle these problems together. Try to explain it with expressions like “I think like that.” So that he will have information about what behavior feels like to you.

Using expressions will help you get closer to your feelings as a speaker about any behavior or conflict without focusing on listener’s behavior

5. Listen to your partner’s statements without trying to “fix” anything in that second

Your partner will listen to you with the same intention Accept how he feels as you want, without minimizing his thoughts.

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