Emre Tamer at London Fashion Week!

Successful Turkish designer Emre Tamer amazed himself with his first collection ‘Harus Visit of Medusa’, one of the most important events of the world fashion calendar, in 2020 London Fashion Week, inspired by rich Turkish culture. In the fashion show where Taner moved the Basilica Palace to London, 12 models, including the famous actress Wilma Elles and British top model Chloe Jasmine, introduced a 12-piece capsule collection.

ATCA (British Turkish Culture Association) President Zeynep Oberer’s advice and contributions of the organization held at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, a great introduction to the field of tourism was held in Turkey. Turkey’s London Consul General Cinar Ergin wife Sea Ergin and the Austrian Embassy officials of the night he also attended the Turkish-interest of British business people and international media organizations was intense.

After Fashion Show Emre Tamer, who lent their support on this journey He thanked Zeynep Ober, sponsors and Wilma Elles. Stating that she was her first fashion show at London Fashion Week, Tamer said, “I hope we will be in London again in September with a much larger show. I would like to thank everyone who shared my excitement. ” said. Regarding Wilma Elles, “I had met him before in an exhibition. We made a very good friendship. I specifically asked him to come to my fashion show. Despite having an intensive work schedule, he did not break me and came to London. It was Wilma’s first fashion show in London. ”

“I previously appeared as a top model in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Istanbul Fashion Week. This is my first time at London Fashion Week. I’m very, very happy. ” Wilma Elles, who shared his excitement, continued his words as follows: “I was extremely happy to appear as the head model with the collection of successful designer Emre Tamer in London. There was a very special concept here. Four men carried me over the throne. This is the symbol of Emre Tamer’s brand. It was a big surprise for me. It was like I was in a dream. I really felt like the queen of the harem ‘Medusa’. It was also a really good moment for me to explain this before the world press. ”

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