Hello with Mr. Celery

Dear Milliyet readers, hello everyone, From today, I will tell you how to feed our body without compromising on the flavor of healthy nutrition and cuisine in this corner. I start with simple and fast but healthy and delicious recipes.

To keep our immunity strong these days, healthy eating has become more important than ever. The stronger our intestines are, the stronger our immunity is. That is why I will tell you the most about vegetable food alternatives and refined sugar-free desserts.

Sometimes we are really bored to eat the same vegetables as a classic vegetable dish in a season. Mostly children and men at home are also far from vegetables in our culture. I am sure that everyone will eat their fingers when you try celery, which is among the most distant ones. In my social media accounts, there is almost no mother who does celery in this way and feed it to her child.

Ingredients and production:

We grate 1 medium celery.

We grate 2 small potatoes. Potatoes and celery are in the same amount.

We add 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of garlic powder. Instead of powder, there will also be a garlic clove.

We knead all the ingredients by pressing. Potato juice and starch bind ingredients.

We lubricate a pan that can enter the oven and spread our ingredients at an average finger height. On the stove, we cook the gold for 5-6 minutes, then take the pan and send it to the oven that only works, and cook the top. In this way, it cooks in 15 minutes.

As another method, we can put all of the ingredients in a baking dish and tray and bake in a 180 degree oven that runs upside down. In this way, it cooks on average in 30-35 minutes.

Or you can put all the mortar between greaseproof paper and make it in a toaster. I did it in every way. It’s all delicious.
Enjoy your meal.

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