Herbal Suggestions to Stop Hair Loss

Herbal Suggestions to Stop Hair Loss

Garlic to stop hair loss and to have thick hair,
the indispensable taste of our meals creates miracles for our hair.

Herbal Solutions for Hair Loss
From outside to strengthen the scalp. and you can provide support from within.
Your biggest supporter is garlic, the medicinal herb we love in meals.
You can say hello to your new hair with garlic, which is an effective method that will disable all the methods you have tried so far.
To apply. crush the garlic in the pestle. Rub the crushed garlic on the spilled areas of your hair by massaging.
After waiting half an hour, wash with a soap or shampoo that is natural and suitable for your hair type.
Olive oil for dry hair and chamomile soaps for oily hair are suitable.
Another method you can apply to allow your scalp to breathe and purify is nettle.

Especially with nettle, the benefits of which have been discovered in recent years, you can both wash your hair and drink its tea.
In this way, you can support your hair from inside and outside. you will be. To wash your hair with the water of nettle, add 1 handful of nettle to 5 liters of hot water.
After steeping for 10 minutes, wash your hair with this water. You can drink nettle tea, which you can drink a cup a day, by brewing it in hot water like all herbal teas.
Lavender, one of the most popular flowers with its beautiful fragrance and enchanting appearance, helps prevent hair loss. its skin breathes and renews itself. For application, add 1 handful of dried lavender to 5 liters of hot water.
After brewing, apply the lavender cure as rinse water. If you experience hair loss that continues for a long time and you cannot prevent, be sure to consult a specialist.
Hair loss, especially in women after childbirth, is caused by iron deficiency.
You can prevent hair loss by taking iron supplements under the control of your doctor.

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