How Should an Ideal Woman Be?

How Should an Ideal Woman Be?

The characteristics of the “ideal woman” from the eyes of men are gathered in a list. According to this list, an ideal woman should have a reading habit first. Here are the other criteria. Let’s see if you are the ideal woman. * Men do not consider women who only read the first and last pages of the newspapers and do not follow the agenda as their chat partners. * He should talk on the phone as much as necessary. The fact that women extend their phone calls for hours makes men nervous and nervous. * Avoid using heavy make-up, excessive perfume and very striking nail polish. Although women who look like this attract more attention, men generally prefer natural and innocent beauty. * Should not be dependent on television series. Men who program their lives according to TV series and cannot understand the women who are separated from the world at these hours, rightly distance themselves from them. * He should not be passionate about luxury, and should be able to maintain his logic during shopping They should not carry packages full of unnecessary items to the house just because they have the opportunity to install installments. * Should stay away from alcohol and smoking. Men who see the women they like as mothers-to-be, can instinctively distance themselves from women with bad habits. * Should pay attention to his form. But he shouldn’t start every meal saying ‘I’m on a diet’. Because this is one of the words that bores men the most. * They should not fill their house or room with toys. He should not drown the house in a crowd of useless items just because it looks beautiful. * Should not abuse Turkish. A woman who speaks a lot of words and speaks slang rather than women who use words like blah, blah, etc. * Women who can be friends not only with girls but also with men are more attractive to men. They can communicate more easily and effectively with such women. * It should not be unattractive while pretending to be a child. When the imitations of little children that women make to be cute are not appropriate and dosed, men can create an adverse reaction. * Should not be jealous. Women who constantly question and follow their lover may lose their charm by giving the message that they do not trust themselves. * Man should not be interested in everything. Sometimes by going further than her mother, women who take care of the man’s every business cause the spell to break and the man to escape. * Must be peaceful in his inner world. It is difficult for women and men who could not solve their psychological and family problems in the past to enter their future plans. * Should be able to stand on their own feet. Women who think that they cannot do their job without the help of a man create a sense of protection in men, but after a while this feeling can turn into boredom.

Label ideal women should not be jealous

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