How to care for tattooed skin?

Just like your normal skin care routine, you should make sure you clean your tattoo daily to avoid the risk of infection.

We recommend using plain soap and water to clean your tattoos with a light touch.

Moisturizing your tattooed skin after cleaning is a must, but you should make sure to choose a moisturizer that will not have a negative effect on your tattoos. For this reason, when your tattooed skin feels dry, apply a water-based lotion or cream instead of oil-based products that can cause the ink to fade.

You already know that sun protection is necessary, but an important part of sun protection after tattooing Did you know? Since ultraviolet (UV) light can cause some tattoo inks to fade, the last thing you need is to sunbathe with your tattoo for a long time.

Be sure to protect your tattoo with a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with 30 or more SPF. Apply the sunscreen to your tattoo 15 minutes before sun exposure and repeat it at least every two hours.

Giving you enough time to heal your tattoo is an important tip as you learn how to take care of the tattoo. You should allow up to two weeks for recovery and avoid damaging any crust during this time, as this may increase the risk of infection, damage the design, and leave scars.

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