How to make Falafel (Chickpea patties)? | Falafel recipe

Falafel, which is a satisfying Middle Eastern flavor, also known as chickpea meatballs; it gets its taste from chickpeas, fresh greens and dried spices. Falafel recipe, a flavor that vegetarians and even vegans can consume, is one of the most important dishes that make Lebanese cuisine rich. So how to make falafel (chickpea patties)? Here is Canan Kurban’s excellent flavor falafel recipe …

Materials :

-2 cups chickpeas
-1 small onion
– 3-4 cloves of garlic
– Half a glass of parsley
-2 tablespoons of flour
-2 teaspoons of salt
-2 teaspoons of cumin
– Half a teaspoon of red ground pepper
-1 teaspoon baking powder
– Sesame

For tahini sauce:

-1 water glass of yogurt
– Quarter cup of tahini
-2 tablespoons of lemon
-1 clove of garlic

How to make falafel?

Don’t forget to watch the video below to learn how to make falafel with Canan Kurban’s narration!

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