Is Corona virus leads to divorce in Turkey?

In China, where the loss of life due to the Corona virus has finally risen to 3 thousand 213, a reason not to be included in the calculations as a result of the quarantine of tens of millions of people in their homes It was created. With the curfew being lifted to a large extent, official offices demanded a record divorce. For this reason, divorce explosion is experienced in couples under quarantine. Experts interpreted the sudden increase in the demand for divorce, saying, “Severe conflict between couples living under quarantine for about two months appears.” According to official figures, domestic violence reported in February 2020 in the epicenter of the corona virus in Hubei province increased by 300 percent compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, pre-epidemic planning to divorce, but noted that apply after the quarantine at the couple unable to do so because of the quarantine.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca new type of corona virus (Kovid-19), which so far total in Turkey reported that the number of cases was 18. So, it is said to be not on the agenda of such a situation in Turkey? Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist Dr.

Rıdvan ÜNEY

How does the Corona virus affect female-male relations?

Reported by Wuhan city of 11 million people in China on December 31, 2019 since the first patient; 5372 people died in the world as of today. coronavirus outbreak; He turned people’s lives upside down in many ways. The first and foremost priority of man is to survive. Considering this way, it is natural for people to protect themselves. Interacting with someone at risk of carrying the disease; it also means interacting with the risk of death, naturally people will avoid any close relationships. However; The person who goes to the streets, to the collective places, who does not wear a mask will also be excluded in close relationships. Even sharing the same house with this person will be a problem due to its risk. It also forces people to spend a long time in a house, in a narrow space, without going out on the street.

Why do people want to get divorced due to this virus?

When someone in the family is sick, they also risk the lives of others. it means taking the risk out of your life.

Apart from that, prolonged quarantine or absence from home also affects the couple’s life negatively. When you spend a long time in a narrow space, even if you are your favorite person, you will start to see more and more of each other’s mistakes. Your tolerance for him decreases. This poses a significant risk for divorce. If you are in a situation, dealing with different things at home keeps the relationship. They will be together for a long time anyway. For example; If one is watching TV and the other is dealing with a repair at home, they make room for each other. They have the opportunity to breathe in their relationship. To deal with the same things in such periods; situations such as watching television at the same time should be avoided. Different interests increase the topics to be discussed. It protects the couple from focusing on each other’s behavior. If something common is going to be done, more fun things should be preferred. Any action that makes each other feel good, including sexuality, is useful in keeping people’s relationships alive.Life continues in some way.

If one of the couples gets this disease, how should the other behave and how to direct their relationship?

Almost all websites describe measures to protect against corona. If one of the couple gets sick, the other must definitely follow these measures. Apart from this, it is important that the spouse says that he is with the other and that he will help fight until the end, and behaves as it is in almost every disease. Of course, this is not easy for an infectious disease. However, physical support as well as love and spiritual support bring morale in the fight against the disease. I hope we get through these dark days without deaths.

So how does this process go from a legal perspective? Lawyer Yaşar Öksüz provided information about the whole process:

If there are people who want to divorce due to corona virus in our country, what should they offer as a reason to apply?

As a rule, the opposite party must be defective in order to decide on a divorce in our country. For this reason, getting one of the spouses to corona virus disease does not cause divorce alone.

However, the spouse who has corona virus disease, avoiding the quarantine and similar treatments that fall on him for the treatment of the disease is the reason for divorce. In this case, the patient who is not sick can open a divorce case, citing that the other party does not care for the treatment and this situation endangers his own health. The spouse suffering from Corona virus can open a divorce case, citing that he was not with his spouse during the illness and did not show the necessary care for the treatment.

How is the legal process regarding this issue progressing?

Divorce due to Corona virus can be filed in a family court where one of the spouses resides or the common residence is located. In the divorce case to be filed by the non-sick spouse, it must be proved that the other spouse has corona virus disease and does not fulfill his responsibilities for treatment. In the divorce case to be filed by the spouse who is infected, it should be proved that the spouse does not show the necessary care for the treatment during the disease. These matters can be demonstrated by medical reports, witness statements, messaging between the parties and similar evidence.

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