Is it always harmful to leave and make peace in relationships?

It is very common to leave and make peace in today’s relations. Both the couples we see in the series and the relationships based on separation and peace that we see in our friends or relatives cause us to make a mistake that the bad events that do not separate the couples further strengthen their relationship. In fact, what is real is not what strengthens relationships, it strengthens, but crawls. it was noticed that there was a lack of loyalty and communication between these couples. It was also found that this kind of “break-up” relationship caused psychological problems such as depression and anxiety on both sides. According to the researches, while the separations are generally experienced after a heated debate or betrayal, the peace is reached since the two sides cannot be separated from each other. The party who takes the relationship more seriously tolerates the behavior of the other party, which will harm the relationship, because he / she is afraid of losing the other party.

Is it always harmful to leave and make peace in relationships

After a small discussion, the parties’ questioning their trust in each other and starting to think that they are not enough for the other side may drag them to separation, and anxiety and fights caused by jealousy can cause depression. Psychologists who state that health is more important than anything else and that an unhappy relationship can cause great harm, states that even if the parties are not able to agree with each other, they may have a sexual passion for each other. Psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree explains that these kinds of relationships are emotional and physical abuse relationships and underline that the parties cannot be separated from each other, but that when they are together they are bad at each other. There’s something, that’s why you broke up with that person before. If there is a possibility of reconciliation, you should first discuss what went wrong with your ex-girlfriend and understand whether you will experience the same problems again.

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