Is the insecticide residue preventing a test tube baby?

< Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen gave the following information about the details of the research conducted in the USA:

“ The rate of women who ate more than two servings of strawberries and peppers per day in a study among women who received IVF treatment had less than one serving of women 26 is less.

The study was conducted with a questionnaire asking 325 women who received medical assistance on reproduction to describe their diet. The researchers stated that they analyzed the fruits and vegetables they reported eating by using a database from the US Department of Agriculture to determine which women had pregnant and babies and the foods that tended to contain the most pesticide residues.

Volunteers participating in the research Among the 228 women had a baby, but the probability of having children was greater among women who were eating less fruits and vegetables with a high proportion of pesticides. ”

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