Kidney problems that may occur during pregnancy

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy, attention to kidney problems

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy, which is one of the most special periods of women. In terms of the health of both mother and baby, it is extremely important to follow these changes closely and take the necessary measures. Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Nephrology Specialist, stating that the first organ during pregnancy is the kidneys. Dr. “In order to prevent possible problems, it is absolutely necessary to measure urine and blood pressure before the planned pregnancy and to see if there is known kidney failure,” said Gülçin Kantarcı. Kantarcı gave information about kidney problems that may occur during pregnancy. Saying Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı pointed out that kidney disease may occur during pregnancy in women who did not have any problems with their kidneys before.

Gülçin Kantarcı gave the following information about the subject: “Generally, blood pressure decreases in the first three months. In the second 3 months, blood pressure starts to rise to normal limits. Another discomfort is the emergence of a disease called preeclampsia due to different causes during pregnancy. Usually, after the 20th week of pregnancy, hypertension is detected. These individuals have no previously known kidney disease or hypertension, accompanied by swelling, edema, protein loss, and if they become more severe in some of their progressive forms, it may lead to seizures if they progress rapidly. more prevalent in pregnancies and pregnancies Pre-eclampsia pregnancies, mother with preeclampsia history, multiple pregnancies, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, vascular and soft tissue diseases, Man and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women with diabetes are more common. ”

Professor Dr. Kantarcı pointed out in recent studies that the pre-diagnosis was made early by monitoring the growth hormone levels secreted by the placenta (the baby’s needs in the womb, bringing nutrients to the baby, collecting waste, enabling the baby to grow).

Pre-advertisement affects both pregnant and baby

Underlining that high blood pressure is a problem that concerns both pregnant and mother closely.

Gülçin Kantarcı said that if protein leakage occurs in the urine due to hypertension during pregnancy, serious consequences may occur, which may lead to brain hemorrhage or even loss of life for the mother. In addition, Kantarcı pointed out that if pregnancy hypertension is not followed and treated, growth retardation or low-weight birth may occur in the baby. required. Approximately 5 percent of all pregnancies are pre-admitted. Generally, it is more common in pregnancies in the first and older ages. ” and measuring blood pressure is important in distinguishing pre-joints from chronic diseases. It is very valuable for the life of both mother and baby with the follow-up of these two in the follow-ups. ” Nephrology Specialist, who said that urinary tract infections are more likely.Gülçin Kantarcı said, “Kidney inflammation may affect the life of pregnant women as well as negatively affect the health of the baby. In addition, some diseases such as nephritis may be exacerbated with pregnancy. Especially in the sixth month of pregnancy, kidney enlargement and growth may also occur. There is a high risk of infection development in diabetic and overweight pregnant women. and blood sugar control should be ensured, 6-8 glasses of water should be drunk daily. If urinary tract infection cannot be treated adequately, there is a risk of infection in the blood and low birth weight baby birth in the mother “.

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