Paris Fashion Week: Hedi Slimane’s 70s Sexless

  A homage to Hedi Slimane’s 70s sexless rock & roll style! Slimane, who founded the brand to revive the bourgeois codes of Céline Vipiana two years ago when she became the creative director of Celine, recreates the 70s bourgeoisie from her point of view in the new season.

A-line skirts and platform shoes or downy jackets combined with jeans and laptop boots; suede capes or narrow jackets on ruffled and layered gold and crystal accessories patterned clothes; Spanish trousers with skinny pants, Cuban heels and thin shawls who play a role from Mick Jagger …

Slimane’s 70s rock & roll” groupies “seemed to come to a concert. Each one is adult and has luxury accessories to prove it.

Creating a unisex collection, Hedi Slimane prefers to make a women’s and men’s fashion show together and not label any part as women or men.

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