Reduce Wrinkles with Olay Creams

Reduce Wrinkles with Olay Creams

With clinically proven effectiveness against 7 signs of aging, Olay Total Effects series accelerates the natural regeneration process of the skin with its unique formula containing patented VitaNiacin, a special combination of vitamins E, B3 and B5, and provides a younger skin.
P&G Beauty’s brand, Olay, which offers care suggestions for women to reveal all their beauty and protect their skin, introduces Total Effects 7x Serum with a youth formula to all women on Mother’s Day.
Its effect has been proven against the 7 signs of aging. Olay Total Effects Serum, a product containing VitaNiacin, a special combination of vitamins E, B3 and B5, 2 times more intense, reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, provides freshness by eliminating the appearance of spots and capillaries, balances the skin color, provides a smooth appearance, moisturizes.

“Total Effects 7x Serum” from Olay, the best gift of Mother’s Day, is dermatologically proven. The anti-aging series Total Effects Serum, which is a revolutionary anti-aging series in skin care, has succeeded to be the reliable choice of women with its soft structure that does not irritate the skin, does not cause acne and is suitable for all skin types. Containing the proven VitaNiacin in the highest concentration, Total Effect Serum gives the skin a silky softness with its superior and intense formula with Olay moisturizer.
7 vitamins and minerals (vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, Including vitamin C, zinc oxide, sodium and magnesium), VitaNiacin, wheat protein and superior OLAY moisturizers, Olay Total Effects 7x Serum is applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté, day and night, after cleansing the skin. To achieve the most successful results, it is recommended to use with Olay Total Effects Day Cream or Olay Total Effects Night Cream.

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