Reinforcement to the nipples

Reinforcement to the nipples

The new weapon of women who want to look sexy is silicone nipples attached to the breast with an adhesive.
The latest fashion, silicone nipples at sex shops and lingerie stores in Europe and America. The spread of this fashion was thanks to the stars of the Hollywood-made sitcom Desperates Houseviwes, which broke watch records in the world. The series, which has been watched with curiosity by millions, is said to have replaced “Sex and the City”, which has continued for years and is now a cult. One of them is the fake nipples that the protagonists wear to look sexier …

Kim Catrall (Samentha) from “Sex and the City” with Teri Hatcher (Susan) from “Desperate Houseviwes”. Eva Longoria (Gabrielle) dazzles her male fans in this way. “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) is also one of those who use this effective tactic. Famous fashion magazines use these nipples as well as models decorating their fashion pages. Latin singer Jennifer Lopez is also. Lopez hired a special masseur who massaged her nipples to look more sexy in her clip and photo shoots.
The bra. It also sticks on. It is very easy to use these nipples made of silicone. Yet not sell in Turkey are able to purchase some Internet addresses. One pair is sold for about $ 15 and four pairs for $ 40. According to the type of breasts, there are four different sizes, small, medium large and oversized. The silicone tip can be attached to the nipple or on the bra. The nipple can be easily attached and removed thanks to two-sided adhesive tapes. This process is not painful.

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