Small Suggestions for Full Lips

Small Suggestions for Full Lips

Is this one of the most important dates of your life for you tonight?

I am sure you want your make-up to be as perfect as it is, your lips are one of the places that attract attention when you first look at you. Here are some small but important neuans and suggestions that can be noticed at first glance on such a special night.

Go over the contours on thin lips. Do not use a pencil if you have big lips. It is possible to make your droopy lips look more beautiful and fuller by going through the inner lines. If this year’s trendy lip make-up, wet-look lipsticks, and wet lipstick match your skin color, it would probably be the job of soulless people not to notice your charm.

If your lips are defeated by time and lost their former fullness, you don’t have to worry.

Because nowadays, you can take precautions and gain your old charm or look even more attractive.

Why is full lips important Have you ever thought?

Or a woman with full lips?

Because full lips are in a sense a symbol of youth. Why?

As the production of female hormones decreases over time, significant changes occur in the body of women.

These changes are the decrease in fertility, dryness of the skin, reduction of hair and thinning of the lips.

Here For this reason, maybe we unknowingly find thick and plump lips beautiful.

Injection of foreign fillers

Collagen and hyalurinic acid are the most frequently used foreign products to give lips a plump appearance. fillers. Their application is extremely simple and the person can return to his daily life immediately. However, the disadvantage is that they do not provide a permanent solution. Because the lips return to their original state within a maximum of 6 months.

Operation with the person’s own tissue

The lips can also be plumped using tissues such as fat and skin taken from the patient’s own body. The tissue cocktail prepared with these tissues is injected into the lips. It is not a very complicated procedure and can be performed with local anesthesia. There is no risk of allergies since it has its own texture. However, these tissues also dissolve over time, it needs to be repeated several times to ensure permanence in the process.

Incision techniques

The lips are thicker and more shaped with various incision techniques without using fillers. possible to make visible. The purpose of these operations is to move the lip edges more outside and to give the lips a thicker state. The result of this operation is permanent and does not change. These operations are simple procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia such as filling material injections.

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