Tips to make it easy to ‘nail art’ at home

< We are pleased to announce that nail art is officially back. From negative space designs and silent expressions to complex art experiments; There are so many things you can inspire this year, up to beautiful marble patterns! Some of you may not dare for different and colorful nails as they think they cannot. In fact, it is possible to have a professional ‘nail art’ work with the right techniques.

It is the most important and difficult job to design colors. For this reason, you can use certain molds or thin-tip nail tools. Since your nail polish needs to be done quickly before it dries, you may be mistaken several times. Nevertheless, do not give up; As you practice a bit, you will bring spring to your nails!

Lacquer and top coat are one of the most important elements here. If you are working on a pattern that requires many layers of nail polish; We recommend that you apply a top coat over each coat you apply. Thus, the color you put on will not change the base color.

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