To prevent hair loss with practical methods

I can hear you saying that my hair should not fall out, keep it in place, and even grow even more if possible. Hair loss is a big problem, especially for men. Maybe they have to live it as a legacy from their grandfather!
but when the necessary precautions are taken, there is a cure for hair loss.
Your hair is no longer possible nowadays. If you do not want to spill, take precautions first. Avoid smoking and stress. Do not forget that smoking, alcohol and stress are the main enemies of your hair. Take a nap and wash regularly. Use lukewarm water and choose to wash by massaging. You should consume lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water. We have advice for those who have hair loss and dandruff problems:

Put a handful of Latin flower fruits and a handful of nettle in a jar and add half a liter of pure alcohol. Leave it on for 1 month by shaking the bottle every 4-5 days. Then, once a week, apply this mixture to your scalp with the help of cotton, wait half an hour and rinse your hair.
To prevent hair loss and also to grow your hair:
Drink ten drops of lemon juice and five tablespoons of carrot juice. (Do this at least twice a week) It is very beneficial for hair loss and hair growth. Also, make use of carrots in large quantities because carrots are one-to-one for many hair problems.

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