Very important corona virus alert for ATM and encrypted doors

Prof. Dr. In his statement to DHA, İlhami Çelik said, “The most common route of transmission is saliva and droplets. We accept the distance of 1 meter because the majority of them show this stage. The virus is not transmitted by air. Airborne diseases are measles, rubella, chickenpox are other diseases such as tuberculosis. If it was transmitted by air, it would be transmitted to more people. ” Pay attention to ATM and door passwords

Pay attention to ATM and door passwords!

Noting that the door passwords at the ATM and building entrances should be touched, Çelik said, “It can be very dangerous when touching the ATMs and other electronic devices, but there is no end to this. The virus can live in those environments. We will connect to the psychopath when thinking about such things.

No need to be so nervous. Let’s wash our hands, be clean. After touching the places like ATM, door passwords at the entrance of the building, we should not take our hands to our mouth and eyes. Must wash hands immediately. We should pay attention to social isolation. ” Mask on the bus

‘Put on a mask on the bus or lift’

Steel referring to the use of a mask “You don’t need to wear a mask if you’re outdoors and away from others. If you are going to stay less than 1 meter away from the social isolation distance, we recommend you to wear a mask if you are in a closed environment. Wear a mask on the bus, van and elevator.

However, when walking outside in the fresh air, there is no need for the mask when no one is with you. You are putting yourself in trouble in vain because it is much more difficult to breathe with a mask. “

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