Ways to have a healthy relationship during university years

How did your relationship begin

How did your relationship start?

At this point, ‘How did you meet?’ Besides the question, ‘Why did you start the relationship?’ is important. The reason you started the relationship; Is your previous relationship not working or is your love for your partner? Being honest with yourself is the most important point for you to have a healthy relationship. Did the person opposite you take your life to forget your ex-girlfriend? Or did you make her a band-aid? For this reason, it is very important to be honest with yourself and your partner. A relationship based on lies will end on lies.

What is your expectation from the relationship

What is your expectation from the relationship?

Knowing and clarifying your expectations is very important. First decide what you are looking for and decide if the parties are ready to have a relationship. Nevertheless, do not look at the relationship you will experience with the marriage or end up with thoughts such as ‘This relationship will be like my previous relationship’.

Do you have time

Do you have time?

University life can be intense in many ways. Quizzes, work, homework, sleep patterns, social life … It can push you all together. Do you have time to spend a relationship between them? You need to decide the answer to this.

Make sacrifice and wait for sacrifice

Make sacrifice and wait for sacrifice

Everything must be mutual in your relationship. While you want the best for yourself, you should wish this for the other side. Share it in the relationship, do whatever you want the other party to treat you. Feel free to speak.

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