What is the best time for pregnancy?

Psychologist Naciye Tokaç, who noted that many things have the right time in life, as well as the right time to marry and have a child, said, “Sometimes for these times people have to plan and think about opportunities, conditions, and sometimes naturally spontaneously. However, it is important for a couple to be ready for the child. “

3rd year of marriage

The third year of marriage with children Expressing that it is the best time to have children, Tokaç said, “Because the first year is the time that couples will spend each other living together and socializing with families. This period, which is very difficult, is a period in which individuals can have difficulties both individually and as a couple. Therefore, when the pregnancy process is dealt with in the first year, It will be a troubled period for the couple who have not gotten used to life in the right time.

The marriage before 21 years old for men and 18 years old for women; I think it is not appropriate because of the idea that they will have difficulty in coping with the difficulties that marriage can bring. Therefore, these ages must be completed in order to become parents. He himself developed his individual development; You can guess that individuals who have not completed their adolescence will not be able to give birth to a child and give the necessary development for him. ” Couple and Marital Therapist Specialist Psychologist Naciye Tokaç said that if one of the couples has a problem such as smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, and this affects the marriage negatively, it may also affect the life of a child in that house and said: In a disease, it is inevitable that giving care to the child after pregnancy and childbirth and the time spent with the child may negatively affect.

Another important condition for pregnancy and having children is; is the situation about love, respect and communication between couples.

However, having children for couples who have lost love and respect for each other; It will not do anything other than necessity and restraint, and will lead to disruption in the couples’ own mental health. Therefore, if there are principles of love and respect among couples and they feel connected to each other, it can be said that it is the right time to have a child. Another important issue for pregnancy and having children is whether the family has sufficient income for a child. One of the undeniable facts; is that childcare and upbringing is very costly. If the family is in the pregnancy process, the expenses such as doctor and delivery are covered; If they do not have a plan to carry out life after birth in their normal processes, parents will find it difficult to spend efficient and quality time with their children, as parents will have difficulties and will be in a hurry. Thus, while trying to care for their children and meet their needs; It will be inevitable for them to neglect their psychological needs, which is the most important for the child. Stating that it is normal to want to have children, Psychologist Naciye Tokaç said, “However, it should not be forgotten that only one child is not brought to the world.We often encounter traumas related to childhood of many individuals with mental disorders in adult life. For this reason, children should be made when you, your family and your social conditions are most suitable. the spiritual needs of the child who came into the world can be met, “he said.


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