Why are men afraid of strong women?

They don’t like being told how to behave

Strong women never like being told what to do because they always have a reason and a logical explanation for their behavior. So you can get a reaction when you are told what to do. Remember, there is a difference between giving a suggestion and ordering. You will never find them doing business behind you. Moreover, when they catch you in the pursuit of small games because they cannot tolerate intrigue-loving people, the first thing they will do is to take you out of their lives. Trust is the most important thing in the life of strong women. Once broken, it never comes back.

They don’t hide themselves

Many people cannot accept some facts about themselves, so they can’t remove any criticism. But it is almost impossible to see powerful women getting angry because of these criticisms. They face themselves and are open to any criticism that is constructive.

So he shows them compassion and always be with them. If he feels that love is mutual, there is nothing he can’t do, he can’t go over it. he may choose to run away because he does not know. But for a strong woman, it is not as difficult as it seems to watch the man she loves exited. Because a strong woman knows her own value first. It does not feel sorry for anyone who does not know its value. It goes away. So they’re scary to people. But people are right to be afraid. A strong woman does not have much to hide, what you see is what it is. That’s why they want their friends to be reliable people. If somehow you feel that you are lying or do not keep your promise, they will be disappointed.Because he will feel somehow you’re lying. Yes, we are human and we can make mistakes and strong women are mature enough to understand this situation. If you resort to a lie, you will do nothing but turn a problem that you can find a solution to, and never turn it into a problem you can’t solve. they do everything to get it, and they are not afraid to voice these requests. Therefore, they are particularly intimidating for men. Strong women never obey.

They don’t need anyone

Many men like to need them. Fighting for a woman they love makes them so happy that they think that women love them. But this is completely wrong for strong and independent women. Strong and independent women will never and never want a man to win their war.

If he has a problem, he will solve it on his own. To be seen as a victim or someone who cannot defend is unacceptable to them.

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