Why are we jealous?

< Some people are emotionally attached; They approach their close circles like family, friends, relatives, boyfriends and girlfriend with an intense sense of ownership. This may make them jealous in some cases. Others feel a sense of jealousy towards those they think are more successful, happier or more beautiful than them.

Most people who experience the feeling of jealousy try to cope with the feeling of inadequacy in their inner world. Sense of inadequacy; emerges as jealousy to the day and tries to camouflage his mistrust in this way. This feeling, known as the “inferiority complex” among the people, is due to an unsaturated ego and low self-esteem.

Jealousy in relationships is not one of the ways to show love. Behaviors towards taking control and interfering with your life; not innocent jealousy, but unhealthy approaches that can lead to bigger problems.

Research states that these jealousy situations in relationships are low self-esteem, insecurity, fear of attachment in an insecure way.

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