Why is Women’s Day March 8?

Why is Women's Day March 8?

The history of March 8 International Women’s Day, declared by the United Nations in 1977, dates back to old times. The representation of women’s war for equal rights with men began on March 8, 1857 in New York, USA. The strike started by 40 thousand workers working in garment and textile factories against inhuman working conditions and low wages ended with bloody events with the attack of the police. 129 workers, mostly women, died in the fire that broke out during the attack. Workers more than 100 thousand people attended the funeral. At the women’s meeting of the Second International held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1910, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party, Clara Zetkin, suggested that March 8 be celebrated as International Working Women’s Day in memory of 129 women workers who lost their lives in this fire. The Women’s Day proposal, which aims to honor the women’s rights movement, especially the right to vote, was unanimously approved. The women’s movement, which almost disappeared during the Second World War and the Cold War, was revived in the late 1960s.

It has been celebrated as Women’s Day all over the world since 1977, when UNESCO announced March 8th as International Women’s Day. March 8 causes not only to remember women, but also to discuss issues such as women’s rights, gender inequality and violence against women. It is celebrated as a day in which women’s struggle for liberation for a century is commemorated and women’s current wishes are expressed. The first celebration in Turkey Turkey on March 8, International Women’s Day for the first time in 1921. “Working Women’s Day” has been celebrated as. It was celebrated more widely in 1975 and moved to the street. “United Nations Decade for Women” program from the affected from Turkey in 1975. “Turkey 1975 Year of Women” conference was held. There were no celebrations for four years after the 1980 Military Coup. Since 1984, “International Women’s Day” has been officially celebrated every year by various women’s organizations. Violence against women and data from the world as of 2007 * Violence against women is the most common but the least punished crime in the world.Either they were killed as soon as they were born (the boy is preferred over the girl) or they did not have access to food and medical facilities on an equal basis with their brothers and fathers. * The number of women forced into prostitution or sold for it is between 700,000 and 4,000,000 per year. Earnings from the sexual slavery system average twelve million dollars a year. Globally, a greater proportion of women aged fifteen to forty-five become disabled or die as a result of male violence or as a result of cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or war. * At least one in three women was beaten, forced to have sexual intercourse or otherwise abused in her life (rape, abuse). Usually, the abuser is a family member or someone known to the woman. Domestic violence is the most common form of abuse against women, regardless of region, culture, ethnicity, education, class and religion. * Religious, cultural etc. genital organs of more than two million girls are damaged annually (female genital mutilation). This rate is one girl in 15 seconds. * Systematic rape is used as a terrorist weapon in many conflicts around the world.* Studies show the increasing links between violence against women and HIV and HIV-infected women are exposed to more violence, reveals that the higher risk of HIV infection victims of violence.

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