Why My Hair Is Falling

Why My Hair Is Falling

Attention! Hair loss may be the harbinger of important changes in your health.

Well-groomed hair has been one of the most important elements of beauty, especially for women for centuries. So much so that every pathological condition that occurs in hair can cause deep psychological problems in the person. Therefore, hair problems create an important source of stress for people. Skin Diseases Specialist from Anadolu Health Center, Dr. Figen Akın gave information about the causes of hair loss in women. In women; There are two types of hair loss, “common” and “male type”. In male pattern hair loss, thinning occurs especially in the upper parts of the hair and the hair of this region is thinning. Male pattern hair loss usually occurs as a result of ovarian cysts, hormonal disorders and adrenal gland growth.

Rapid weight loss causes hair loss

Anadolu Medical Center ‘ First Skin Disease Specialist Dr. Figen Akın stated that many factors, from the drugs used to nutritional habits, can be effective on hair loss:
“Hair is a specific barometer of body health.

Nutritional factors such as strict diets and rapid weight loss due to hormonal reasons, anemia, pregnancy, and inflammatory diseases are also effective in hair loss. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as zinc and selenium, aging, thyroid and immune system diseases, common or regional skin diseases, psychological or physical stress also cause hair loss. ”

it is not right to wash

Skin Diseases Specialist Dr. Figen Akın said that in order to prevent hair loss, the diseases that cause it should be treated first and pointed out that it is not right to wash the hair every day:
“Hair In order to prevent spillage, the underlying diseases should be treated first. Apart from that, attention should be paid to eating habits, especially diet rich in protein and poor carbohydrates, consumption of green vegetables, milk, eggs, legumes. Necessary precautions should be taken against cold in winter and dryness caused by sun and sea water in summer.

It is enough to wash with shampoos with a pH of 5.5 every two or three days. Washing the hair frequently disrupts the oil balance of the hair. If these issues are taken into consideration, hair loss is already minimized.

Hair falls out more in autumn!

Hair loss in autumn is more than that. The reason for this is that vitamin intake is reduced due to the scarcity of vegetables and fruits in this season. In addition, as the weather starts to cool, the reduction of blood supply in the area that feeds the hair and called the hair bulb causes a reduction in the size of the onion part. This causes hair loss. But after a while, this spill goes away on its own. If it continues, it is beneficial to consult a doctor.
During pregnancy, all hair enters the growth phase, three to four months after birth, all of the hair enters the shedding phase and falls out. But this is a temporary situation like seasonal hair loss. This hair loss that starts after birth can last from 6 months to 1 year. With the use of additional zinc during pregnancy, the severity of postpartum hair loss can be reduced.

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