4 ways to deal with your scalp without going to the hairdresser



For a more attractive look, this special style creates all the root-hiding features of hair picking while creating the root illusion of your hair. Separate a triangular part from the front of your hair and lay it back. Try to combine it with other pieces you get from the sides. It is a good idea to add some volume to the top of your hair!



There is really no better hairstyle, especially when working from home. Topknot is a stylish yet easy style that most of us will return when they need it. This name, which is given to the style you gather by making your hair from the top with a ponytail or a bun, is also preferred by men quite frequently. While this hairstyle helps reduce the appearance of root contrast, it can also be incredibly stylish.

Mixed hair

Mixed hair

The fact is that having extended hair roots should not prevent you from letting your hair dance . The best thing to do to hide the scalp; increase movement in your hair and add volume. Create loose waves with the help of a tong or straightener. When you’re done, shake your hair and spray a volume-increasing hairspray.

Messy picking

Getting the ultimate messy ponytail or effortless knob is actually not as easy as it seems! Instead of getting an effortless look right from the start, get a perfect start and tidy your hair tightly. After collecting, brush your ponytail in reverse direction with the help of a brush or comb.

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