5 different breathing techniques to help reduce anxiety and stress

Relaxing breath (4 -7-8 technique)

Relaxing breath (4-7-8 technique)

This technique is mostly used to relax your body and nervous system. You can apply the relaxing breathing technique when you feel tense, annoying or just want to relax before sleep.

Abdominal breath

Abdominal breath

Abdominal breath or also abdominal breath slows your whole body, your pulse and balances your blood pressure. The most important thing to do when applying this technique is to focus on your diaphragm, not your chest while breathing. To practice this technique, place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly button. Breathe through your nose and let your lungs stretch as your diaphragm swells. Then slowly exhale. Make sure that the breath you need is deep and steady.

The important thing in this breathing technique is not to see how many breaths you exhale, but to make observations. First, sit in a place where you are comfortable, close your eyes and start observing the flow of your breath. After observing your natural breathing rhythm, now direct your attention to the moment you switch to exhalation without full breathing. Notice that there is a gap, a break in between. If your mind is wandering at this time, direct your mind back into that space between breathing and exhaling. As you apply this technique, it will become a continuous experience that gives you peace of mind. Alternate nasal breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Alternative nasal breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Alternative breathing technique while calming and balancing you it also allows you to bring both sides of your brain together. Sit as you meditate comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting on the floor or on the chair, sit just like you are. Cover your right nostril with the help of your right hand’s thumb or other fingers.

When you take your breath to the full, open your right nostril and close the left this time. Breathe out through your right nostril. Continue this way until you feel calm and focused.

First make sure that your back is sitting as straight as possible. Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth. Make sure that your tongue stays that way during the technique. Drain your breath completely. Count as much as four of you as you breathe. Hold your breath and count from work to seven. Now breathe out and count from eight to eight at this time. Whenever you apply this technique, be sure to do at least four or five repetitions.

Stimulating breathing technique

Stimulating breathing technique

Stimulating breathing technique helps to stimulate your emotions and enlighten your mind.

To practice this technique, first sit in a comfortable place. You don’t have to sit in a certain position. Breathe quickly through your nose. Try to keep your mouth closed and stay as comfortable as possible. Try to keep your breathing and exhalation times equal and make sure that these times are so short.

Do not apply this technique for more than 15 seconds at first. As you feel more comfortable over time, you can increase this time by five seconds each time. However, do not apply for more than a minute. As with the alternative nasal breath, in this breathing technique, a very deep connection is established with your mind. Therefore, it is better not to apply this technique before going to bed.


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