5 measures against corona virus for pregnant women – does corona virus affect the baby during pregnancy?

< It has been scientifically proven that in the past, both respiratory viruses such as SARS and MERS, belonging to the corona virus family, and influenza-bearing viruses can have far more severe consequences during pregnancy. However, it is possible to protect against coronavirus during pregnancy by taking the necessary precautions without panic or getting over stress. Here are 5 corona virus measures specific to pregnant women … 1-Avoid information pollution

1-Avoid information pollution

Pregnancy is already a sensitive period due to the current hormonal change. Especially bad news in this period will affect the expectant mothers much more. For this reason, stay away from the panic environment created by non-specialists, especially social media, and the information pollution they emit. You can overcome this process by taking the necessary protection measures, but without breaking your spirits and without undue stress. You can relax both yourself and your baby by reading books and listening to music at home and even singing songs to your baby.

2-Reduce contact with humans

Generally, the spread of the virus is known.

Therefore, avoid closed and crowded environments, try to avoid people who cough and sneeze.

3-Drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy

Take care of a healthy and balanced diet . You should definitely include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Spread during the day and take care to drink plenty of water. Besides water, it is useful to consume drinks such as linden and kefir. Take care to keep your fluid intake high and keep your throat warm and moist at any time of the day.

4-Protect your throat from the cold

It is precisely during the season transition that clothes play an important role. Avoid clothing that is too thick and will cause you to sweat, and wear thin layers instead. Take care to protect your throat from cold. Because intense contact with cold weakens the immune system more, especially during pregnancy.

5-Do not neglect to exercise

Blood coagulation in the foot vessels increases 6 times during pregnancy.

Be careful not to stay still, do not lie down constantly. Especially in sunny weather, walk at least 30 minutes at noon and support vitamin D synthesis. How Corona virus affects the baby in the womb

How Corona virus affects the baby in the womb?

The risk of getting corona virus during pregnancy and developing possible bad results is higher than normal. This risk is higher especially for mothers with diabetes, lung, heart or kidney disease who are HIV positive and over 35 years of age. Although there is not enough information about the effect of corona virus on the baby during pregnancy, it is known that other viruses belonging to this family can cause premature birth, miscarriage and low birth weight. In addition, in the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of openness in the back bones (spina bifida) of the babies of mothers who have high fever due to infection increases.

Corona virus passes into breast milk

Corona virus passes into breast milk?

While there is no scientific evidence that Corona virus passes into milk, other viruses from the family that the Corona virus belongs to have not been passed to milk.

However, during breastfeeding, it is necessary to be careful, to comply with the required hygiene rules or to give the baby by an uninfected person by milking breast milk. .

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