A Container of WATER For Them!

A Container of WATER For Them!

At a time when the hottest days of summer are beginning, how can the animals living on the street resist this as we cannot withstand these temperatures? Moreover, what if you can not find food and water? Doesn’t the subject that the Municipality and Animal Rights Federation tries to remind more with biboards and posters in the summer also remind us of our human duty? It is good that we have a federation that protects orphans. We support and congratulate the federation where associations with the same consensus on this issue come together to protect the rights of nature, environment and animals. Now it is always our share to protect animals and not to take away their right to life, and in this scorching summer heat, PLEASE , only 1 POT OF WATER and in front of our house, door, workplace Let’s put 1 POT OF MEAL … How would you like to share the images on your facebook account?

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