Affirmations that will reverse the negative energy of the corona

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Corona is a day when we have a hard time protecting our mental health, let alone virus protection. Increasing deaths and cases every day, spooky voice recordings and images spreading from WhatsApp groups, negative and hateful rhetoric we have been exposed to on social media accounts, especially on Twitter … How can we still look forward to the future with hope? Life Coach and Yoga Instructor Sevil Eskicioğlu Özkal replied.

How can we manage the increased anxiety in the corona agenda in our minds

How can we manage the anxiety that increases in the corona agenda in our minds?

Our minds always try to find meaning. Since he is out of the ordinary situation at the moment, he wants to find something similar to himself, he connects with similar feelings in the past (uncertainty, chaos, trauma, crisis, prohibitions …).

When we realize that our stress level is rising, let’s take a slow and deep breath consciously, then let go. Let’s do this 5 times. Because when we are stressed, we involuntarily take short breaths quickly, when we realize this and cut it with long slow breaths, our stress level starts to decrease. Let’s lower our focus to our body. Let’s get back to “now”. Anxiety is the state of making negative calculations about the future by making calculations with historical information. The first thing we need to do is “come back now” and come back to our body. What can we say to ourselves and those around us

What can we say to ourselves and those around us?

It is very important that we make positive speeches to our minds and body that will help relax. Just like talking to a little boy to feel safe, we can repeat to ourselves, “You are protected”, “You are safe”, “Next to the universe”. Louise Hay’s “Everything is fine” affirmation is also one of the catchy mantras we can often say to ourselves. Such a mantra that we tell ourselves and that will turn in our minds also protects us from negative discourses outside.

Let’s protect ourselves emotionally. Let’s not let the negativity of others drag us too. If we become light, we can remind them of their lights. What negative expressions we use send negative energy to the universe What should we replace them with

What negative expressions we use send negative energy to the universe? What should we replace them with?

The best way to notice this is to follow our feelings. If our feelings are negative (angry, stressed, anxious, sad, panic …), we can think that we are sending negative energy to the universe. For example, unfortunately it is like the word “quarantine” that we always say. Each of our words is so strong! Because there are images, feelings that these words evoke to us. In other words, we are directing ourselves to those energies without realizing it.

Mindfulness, which is what we call conscious awareness, stop ourselves and say,” Wait a minute, why am I feeling like this right now? our power to ask.

For example, normally many people would like to “work from home” in the past, right? With a little focus on these aspects of the business, we can now think that “we are in a period where we experience working from home”. Or we can think, “Thank goodness how nice we can communicate with everyone thanks to the internet and many infrastructures.” Thus, we are separated from being in communication with one of our most basic needs, and we do not emit energy. What are the affirmations that will heal us in this process

What are the affirmations that will heal us in this process?

Louise Hay’s “All is well / Everything’s fine” phrase is from my constant language. Some of the phrases that will support our current mood are “very good things are waiting for us”, “The universe is by my side”, “I am safe, we are safe”, “My body is programmed to be healthy” and “I am supported”. Let’s always remember this; Every negative experience we have prepares a positive experience of similar strength for us in the Universe.

What we do best is to direct ourselves to align with this energy with our positive expectation. Let us repeat the mantras that make us feel good when we wake up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. And let’s not forget that we are never alone. We are all together in this business and we are supported. .

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