Anti-Deception Ring

Anti-Deception Ring

The fashion world has now tried to prevent cheating 🙂 Even if this ring, designed only for men, is removed, it leaves a mark on the finger. The first thing married men do when they get flirtatious is to remove their wedding rings. The ring with the inscription “ I am married ” engraved on the inside makes the same text appear on the finger.

Even if the guys remove the ring in flirtatiousness, the text remains on the finger as it is. I think it is thought that deception can be prevented by this way. It can stay on one’s finger for days. The price of the rings put on sale in England is 360 British Pounds. We hope that Turkish entrepreneurs will not be indifferent to this invention and we think that it will be produced in our country as soon as possible. What more can we say, good luck 🙂

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