Birthday Messages 2012

Birthday Messages 2012

In 2012, everyone, including me, wants to celebrate the birthday of your friends, your loved ones, your friends, in short, with the most beautiful words. As a result of our research, we present the newest 2012 Birthday Messages to you, our valuable readers, through our site. By containing different meanings, you can drown the other person in happiness with Birthday words. Sometimes our words, which are more valuable than the Most Expensive gift, will reveal your personality in the environment you are in. Without further ado, we are bringing you 2012 Birthday Words and Messages.

Your absence is as difficult as writing in the rain, your absence is as pain as death, you are as important as breathing, you are as valuable as my soul. this should be the message. I send you thousands of kisses and love from here .. Know that you are not forgotten .. Happy birthday!

While I am happy to be one more year old today, I wish the future to give you all the wishes in your heart. Happy birthday.

Hooray. Sev. Rose! These should not be missing in your life. Regardless of your age, the best of everything is with you.

Let your life pass like the beauty of your heart from now on. Happy to have you and happy birthday!

I wish you the best happiness at your new age, climb the ladder of success and I hope you never lose your joy. Happy birthday!

I hope that every new day that will make up your future will be more beautiful than the previous day and will make you happy. Many years…

On the day you were born, you came into life by tearing the clouds and shining bright around like a sun. Always live with love! Happy birthday…

Do you think it’s different and special because today is your birthday? However, you are different and special for me not only today but everyday. Good to have you…

I wish all your wishes today come true. Maybe I’m not with you, but know that I celebrate this day with you in the deepest part of my heart. How many tears…

Hmmmm I forgot why I’m shooting this message, believe me, I don’t remember. Let me see … stop, I found it 🙂 Happy birthday!

I cannot sing a birthday song for you because my voice is not good. That’s why I’m shooting a short message like this.

I love you.

Today, maybe you will get birthday messages from many people, but it’s different than the one you’re reading right now because it’s all lovingly written. Good thing you have…

Friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but you know they always exist for you and they think of you. Happy birthday…

May your new age bring all the beauties you wish with surprises you did not expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Every candle is the light of your life as the candles on your cake increase, your life will become more enlightened. HAPPY new light.

Let this birthday be a beginning for a life that friends have not forgotten. HAPPY new age around the cake. HAPPY day.

May your new age bring health first, then all the happiness you wish! NiCE YEARS…

Are you aware that you are a little older but you are the sweetest old man I have ever known

I said and forever I will say: So glad you were born, so glad you exist! HAPPY NEW YEAR

My dear friend, happy birthday.


We could not come, but we did not forget; HAPPY BIRTHDAY All the beauties find you! NiCE YEARS TO THE YEARS…

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