Bridal hair accessories for the summer wedding

< We examined the Spring-Summer wedding trends of 2019, and bridal hair accessories managed to become one of the most important details. If you are going to have a summer wedding, do not forget to include the hair accessories that will accompany you all night long and have the highest potential to appear in the photos. < This crown, which is both plain and eye-catching, will suit your hair that you left open especially in the country wedding! -Trendyol, Price: 89.99 tl

Especially those who prefer a knob can choose this kind of accessory. You can use this crown in the country wedding or in the indoor area. It will look very stylish on a messy and braided neck bun. -Trendyol, Price: 49.99 tl

Here this accessory will go perfectly on a hairstyle that can be made quickly for simple and ordinary lovers. It will be a great option for brides who love neither open hair nor bun. -Trendyol, Price: 59.99 tl

This year’s most popular plant pattern and small stone hair accessories! For our brides who would prefer a side knob, this model will create a simple and eye-catching look. -14.quatorze

Hair accessories made of sea shells and pearls are also the favorite of this year! This type of choice will be different, especially for brides who will have a wedding by the sea. -Projectbridal

For those who cannot give up the flowery crown, this model can save an accessory all night. -Projectbridal

Those who like difference and minimal accessories can include this accessory in their hair. -SVNR

Another trend of this year is furry accessories! How about getting your hair stuck on your wedding day? -LOEFFER RANDALL

Those who want a completely and minimal look can wear this year’s snap buckles on their hair. The -RANJANAKH

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