Dermoday Snail Cream

Dermoday Snail Cream

Dermoday Snail + plus is a restorative and protective skin care cream. You can easily use and care for your skin, not only on your face, but also in the desired area of ​​your body. There is no need for a moisturizer in the use of dermoday snail + plus. The use of the product also protects your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.
Regular use of dermoday snail + plus; Control of acne vulgaris and pimples, Reduction of acne vulgaris and scars caused by acne, Removal of postpartum blemishes to a great extent, Repairing non-homogeneous skin color, regulation of rough skin structure, opening clogged skin pores,

signs of aging It is a highly effective product in reducing it.
Actives used in product content; Helix aspersa muller allantoin, Lanthanin, Salicylic acid, Alpha lipoic acid, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba, Chamomile, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.

Label Snail Cream WHAT IS Snail Cream for skin care with Snail Cream to open the pores Snail Cream to remove the signs of aging with the Snail Cream to eliminate the signs of aging with the snail cream, the cream for birthmarks

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