Difference between corona virus cough and dry cough – Why does a dry cough?

< Corona virus has many symptoms: fever, fatigue, cough, malaise … The way to distinguish the cough in the virus that shows flu symptoms and the cough experienced in these periods, the President of the Turkish Thoracic Society Prof.Dr. Hasan Bayram told us. Here are the details …

” In fact, the cold, flu, simple cold symptoms we see during the corona season passes are very similar to each other in the beginning. Dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, malaise can occur. cold and flu-like symptoms, so we need to do whatever we do with flu and cold.

A simple flu regresses in a few days

‘A simple flu regresses in a few days’

Simple we expect a flu to regress in a few days, but complaints do not resolve, if the fever rises, and especially an increase in dry cough and accompanying breathing If there is a shortage, then it is necessary to apply to a hospital.

Beware if there is cough and fever

Beware if there is cough and fever!

This is what I say for a normally healthy individual with no chronic illness. However, this period is the pollen season. Especially in patients with asthma and allergic fever, there may be complaints such as runny nose, shortness of breath, wheezing cough. It is difficult to distinguish whether these are due to pollen or because of a simple cold or corona. However, if these patients encounter uncontrollable cough and high fever, it is useful to consult a physician. Asthma and COPD patients should also consult a doctor if they have high fever and cause sputum. It may have been bacterial discomfort or pneumonia even without corona. ”

Cough is more common in corona

‘Cough is more common in corona’

Prof. Dr. Bayram especially with attention to high fever,” Symptoms making a clear distinction is really difficult. What we’ve seen so far in corona is that cough is more common. However, in a simple cold, we can see a dry cough in those with allergic fever and someone with asthma.

If there is a very intense dry cough, we can emphasize a little more. This is important if there is a high fever. Simple shortness and shortness of breath are not seen in flu. “

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