Differences between Corona virus-flu-colds

< Corona virus fever starts first, fever is not seen first in flu or cold. It starts with a runny nose and there is no resistant fever. It usually drops with antipyretics.

Dry cough in the corona virus on the second or third day of fever is added to the table. In flu or cold, a cough begins with a runny nose from the first day. Cough usually appears sputum.

Corona virus is generally not expected to sneeze and runny nose. There is usually flu and colds.

Muscle pain in corona virus is generally not seen, there is muscle pain in the flu or cold.

Corona virus sore throat is not seen, generally dry cough irritation may occur. Sore throat is expected from the first days of flu or cold.

Corona virus usually starts breathing difficulty 4-5 days after a dry cough. There is no breathing difficulty in flu and colds.

These complaints are common findings and can of course also be mild!

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