‘Do not look for signs of disease in yourself’

The world is trying to fight the disease because of the coronavirus outbreak. Patients who are infected with the virus struggle in intensive care units, while those who do not get sick yet go through a psychological process. Psychologist Counseling and Guidance Unit Specialist Psychologist Birgül Sena Mayda stated that the unexpected and life-threatening nature of the virus outbreak reveals signs of fear and anxiety.

Mayda said that the feeling of fear normally occurs with the instinct of survival, but when intense symptoms of panic attacks may increase, she said: “I think that I have that symptom in my environment and my clients. I swallow and it hurts. ”I face many similar phrases.” The first thing to accept is that we face a globally realistic threat, so it’s actually normal to worry. Fear is an evolutionary emotion, even to a certain level. 

When situations such as fear, anger, joy, and excitement are encountered, our sympathetic nervous system is activated, and how many or war orders are given to our body, so that the feeling of “fear” activates us against dangers and enables us to survive. In such cases, we should pull our focus away from our body.

Therefore, we will find the symptoms of the disease as soon as we look for it, as we find it, our anxiety and fear will increase. And eventually, a vicious circle will be entered. And so panic attack symptoms can flare up. ”

“Do not research on social media at all times”

Emphasizing the points that should be considered while implementing social isolation, Sena Mayda said, “First, it should be a healthy diet and at home. One of the important points is to maintain our daily routine. Even if you work at home, you can remove the clothes you use while you are at home and wear new clothes for the day. ” he said and added: so you prepare yourself and your soul for the day. In this context, attention to sleep patterns is one of the other important issues. Care should be taken not to make concessions from your night sleep, and you should sleep and wake up in the same order while you are at home.

It is important not to change too much between sleep hours. When we say research on social media at any moment, what we hear from our environment, messages from groups in communication networks, we are exposed to a lot of unrealistic information during the day.

Human beings are more concerned about the uncertainties that they cannot understand and control. The first thing to do here is to know what we are facing. A lot of information from unknown origin triggers our negative thoughts, which causes anxiety levels to increase. As we are exposed to this kind of information, it is better to rely on official sources instead of paying attention to these “unknown” sources. Reaching the right information and avoiding the exaggeration while taking our precautions will make it more effective for us to manage this process individually. Stating that the duties have fallen, Mayda said: “We should be contacted with children and keep them away from uncertainties like ourselves. Instead of talking about our concerns and fears, it is very important to share your feelings with correct explanations appropriate for your child’s age by correcting the wrong information. Pay attention to your children’s emotions, listening to your child’s concerns will strengthen the communication between you and thus will feel safer. ”.

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